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Dover & Company sells and services Panelfold folding doors and walls. All Panelfold products are custom built to fit your opening needs. Ideal for conference rooms, churches, schools, hospitals, and funeral homes.

For over 55 years, Panelfold has been engaged in the manufacture of the finest space division products available.

Panelfold folding doors

Panelfold Folding Doors

Panelfold is the first company in the world to invent, patent and commercialize folding doors incorporating flexible panel connector hinges. After five decades, Panelfold doors remain among the better engineered, more durable and more attractive on the market.

Panelfold doors are trouble free. Each door is custom made to fit your opening, so that you don’t have to make your opening fit the door. Unlike swinging and bi-fold doors, which protrude into a room, folding doors do not interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances.

There is no floor track to accumulate dirt. No troublesome pivot hardware to allow the door to fall down. Panels stay strong and straight through the years, providing quiet, easy and reliable operation. And, they are easy to install.

With a spectrum of models, sizes, and surfacing options designed to accommodate just about any doorway, closet, over-the-counter divider and room divider, Panelfold doors have provided efficient and economical use of space for millions of customers worldwide.

Bedroom folding doors

Product Features

Strong, Laminated 4″ Wide, 3/8″ Thick Wood Core Panels
Wood Veneer, Vinyl or Decorative Laminate Surfacing
Double Smooth-Rolling Nylon Wheels
Full-Height, Memory Actionu00ae Dual-Wallu2122 Vinyl Hinges
Decorative Aluminum Track
Touch-Baru00ae Automatic Latches and Jamb Mould

Scale/4u00ae wood folding doors save space and solve problems caused by conventional door systems. The timeless beauty and durability of wood, the wide variety of surfacing styles and colors to choose from and the narrow profile of Scale/4 doors makes their selection a natural choice.

Did You Know…?

Scale/4 doors conserve much of the space that swinging, bi-fold and sliding doors waste, making these the perfect closet doors when it comes to utility and convenience. Unlike swinging and bi-fold doors, which protrude into a room, the Scale/4 does not interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances, and unlike sliding doors, they do not block access to half of the closet at a time.

Scale/4 doors are exceptionally well suited for doorways. The panels stack neatly within standard door jambs. In fact, when stacked (or fully open), this door requires 1/70th of the space required by an average-size swinging door.

All Scale doors are ADA compliant, making them a great application for closets and doorways in retirement and assisted care facilities.

Panelfold Operable Walls

Design integrity and the understanding of functional space has made Panelfold the first preference of the discriminating designer for over five decades. We often hear the comment that Panelfold operable partitions are the best-designed and best-performing in the industry. There is little doubt about how much material, craftsmanship and solid performance we pack into each operable partition.

Moduflex operable walls are overhead-supported movable wall panels designed for space maximization and sight and sound barriers.

Moduflex Series 400

Residential Folding doors

Moduflex Series 500

Series 400 Folding Doors

Moduflex Series 600

Moduflex Series 500

Moduflex Series 800

Moduflex Series 600

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