How To Properly Identify And Measure A Spring For Your Door

Here is the information we will need to help you fix your broken spring. All of this information is important – we need the spring size to within a sixteenth of an inch! Always view the pictures as from the inside of the garage looking out. First, select whether you have torsion or extension springs on your garage door:

  • 1. Door Type

    Solid One Piece
  • 2. Determine Type of Spring

    Extension Spring Horizontal
    Extension Spring Vertical
    Torsion Spring
  • 3. If you have a Torsion Spring (wind-up) type spring, where are springs located:

    Single Right Edge
    Single Left Edge
    Single Center Right
    Single Center Left
    Double Edge
    Double Center
  • 4. End Type Extension Spring Only

    Double Loop
    Single Open Loop
    Clip End
    Metal Strap with Hole for Bolt
  • 5. Inside Diameter of Spring

    1 19/32"
    1 3/4"
    2 1/4"
    These are common residential sizes
  • 6. To determine spring wire size

    Measure 10 coils within 1/16"
  • 7. Measure Overall length of broken spring (unwound), within 1/2"