3 reasons to upgrade your windows

Picture yourself sitting at home alone and you feel a breeze moving through your house. Don’t worry that is not a ghost left over from Halloween but mother nature knocking at your window to tell you that these single pane windows are not going to cut it. When it comes to windows the benefits of having a double pain versus a single pain is a no brainier.More information can be found on our

In this next section will go over the 3 reasons to upgrade your windows. First off one if not the most important benefit of having double pane windows is the energy efficiency. According to Home Advisor the average home owner will reduce their electric bill in the winter by 24 percent with the addition of double pain glass windows. Next reason to upgrade your windows to double pane glass is the noise reduction. Unless your living in the middle of nowhere you are going to have to live with the noise of cars down the road or the simple voice of the loud voice next door. A double pane glass window can reduce the noise coming in by nearly 30 decibels. For example the average decibels from a car driving by can be around 35, so double panes will reduce to nearly nothing.

The third reason behind the use of double pane glass windows is removing the use of storm windows. Many of us can remember the tough task of taking out the screen windows in the fall and replacing them with heavy glass windows. This process could be a full days project and not only a great loss of time but the struggle of the 6 months trying to find a location to store the windows that they will not break being stored or being installed. 
I hope that we were able to both teach you about the importance of the double pain window and just home much of a benefit you will get from new windows. If you interested in getting a quote about new windows simple click on the button below, fill out the form and we will be right back with you.