4 Signs to Replace Your Garage Doors

1.Wear & Tear Damage

One of the first signs of needing a new door is the function of the garage door. If your garage door is getting older you can replace part like springs and cable but you might be just be putting a patch on you door for now. All new doors that you get with Dover Doors and Windows comes with new parts from the panels to the rails and springs.

2. Energy Efficiency

Unlike older doors modern garage doors are built with the intention of use your garage door as a shield against keeping the cold out and the heat inside with modern insulation, bottom seals and weather strips to combine for a better seal to the heat and cold. If you door is over 30 years old then you won’t have all these added benefits which can cause a raise in energy bills.

3. Outdated Design

Over time not only will the older doors start to fail how they function but also how they look. Older doors can begin to show their age with dents, broken glass and chipping paint. Modern doors come with more stronger panel to limit dents and thicker glass to prevent cracking.

4. Increase Curb Appeal

One of the reason to get a new garage door is the simple idea of giving your home more curb appeal. Today, Dover Doors and Windows has hundreds of options when it comes to your next garage door. If you have a dream garage door in mind then we can bring your dreams to life.

Whether your door is not functioning right, energy bill is going up, you have dented panels or you just want more curb appeal then contact Dover Doors and Windows to get your next garage door. Click the link below to get your free quote on the garage doors.