5 Signs to Replace Your Entry Doors

When looking into when you should change out your entry doors there are five signs to look for on your doors. These five signs include Drafts, Loose Hinges, Crack & Breaks, Moisture Damages, and style. Below we will go more in depth about each sign. If you have any of these signs don’t hesitate to call Dover Doors and Windows at 810-235-2573.

1.Your Door Has Drafts

The cold winters and hot summers of Michigan with contract and expand your entry doors. These changes in the door over time can cause gaps between your door and the frame which will put more strain on your HVAC System. The increase strain on your HVAC System will raise your electric bill and getting a new entry door will put a stop to those increased monthly bills.

2. Your Door Is Loose On Its Hinges

As you use your door on a day to day bases there will be an increase in the ware to the hinges. These hings will become loose over time which will result in tighten the screws. After so many times tightening the screws you will find a limit at which point they now longer tighten and its time to look at a new door.

3.Your Door Has Cracks And Breaks

When your door has cracks and breaks it can reduce the appearance of your home along with opening your up to break-ins. When your door has cracks and breaks it can allow air to escape easier causing an increase in electric bills. You will also want to replace the door in the door has rust, dents, cracks or holes.

4.Your Door Has Moisture Damage

As you can imagine with the cold wet winters in Michigan you door might start to ware from the change in temperatures. As your door ages it can crack and split which even the smallest of cracks can allow the interior components of your door to become water logged. When your door has moisture damage it will weaken your parts and cause your door to fail quickly.

5.You Want A Door With New Style And More Curb Appeal

When you look at your home one of the first things that will stand out to you will be the front door. Sometimes you don’t need a reason to change out your entry doors other than just wanting to change the style. If you recently moved into a home and don’t like the look of what you have or just sick of the staring at the same door for the last 20 years then Dover Doors and Windows would love to help you design a new door for your home.

If you find yourself dealing with any of these issues when it comes to your entry doors then don’t hesitate to call Dover Doors and Windows at 810-235-2573 or click the link below to get a free entry door quote.