6 Signs to Replace Your Windows

Noticeable Damage – One of the easist signs that you need new windows is the physical damage to the door including glass breaks and frame chiping our broken damage.

Leaks or Rotting – The next thing to look into is leaks or rotting on older wooden windows. Leaking can include both water coming in along with the feeling of a breeze in your home.

High Energy Bills – When you notice an increase in you monthly electric bill this can also an indication that your windows are no longer keeping the outside elements out or keep the heat in.

Difficult with Operation – When you start keeping your windows closed because it’s too difficult to open and close then that is a sign that there is something wrong with your windows a great time to replace them with new windows.

Lack of Soundproofing – In those moments that the noise outside seems like its right in your home then this is a sign that the windows are no longer hold out the sound as they should. This is a problem that will not get better overtime so changing out the windows would be your best solution

Condensation Inside the Pane – When the windows start getting condensation on the inside this is a indication that the seals between the panes is broken and the gas has leaked out. When the gas leaks out the best thing you can do is to replace windows because the increase of condensation can cause rotting and cause water damage.