Bathroom Partition

Dover Dock & Doors provides a variety of options for all of your bathroom partition needs. Dover’s bathroom partitions provide a  durable, waterproof &  secure construction. We specialize in the installation of bathroom partitions to provide your business with the top of the line restroom design and security. If you would like more information or a quote, simply click the button below and fill out the form.

Advantages of our Bathroom Partitions


Dover Dock & Doors partitions baked enamel finish will require little effort and maintenance to keep the beautiful finish lasting for years.


 The finish on the partitions are  extremely durable, corrosion and stain resistant, and demonstrate excellent wearabilty.


These powder coatings are formulated to allow the easy removal of graffiti using readily available solvents.

Tamper Proof

All bathroom partitions are assembled with superior hardware with specialized tools to prevent theft of any part.