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Overhead Sectional Doors by Dover

Overhead garage doors are a type of garage door that opens and closes vertically, parallel to the ceiling of the garage. 

They are sometimes referred to as overhead sectional doors or overhead roll-up doors.

These doors are a popular choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications due to space-saving design and ease of operation.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial garage doors are an essential part of many businesses, providing security, accessibility, and convenience for loading and unloading goods. When a commercial garage door malfunctions or requires repair, it is important to address the issue promptly to minimize downtime and maintain the safety and security of your business premises. Here are some steps to consider for commercial garage door repair:

Diagnose the Problem

Identify the specific issue with the garage door. Common problems include:

Door will not open or close?Noisy operation?
Slow or uneven movement?Damaged panels or sections?
Malfunctioning opener or remote control?

Safety First

Before attempting any repairs, ensure the safety of your employees and anyone near the garage door area. Disconnect power to the door opener to prevent accidental activation.

Consult a Professional

It is often advisable to hire a professional commercial garage door repair service. They have the experience, tools, and knowledge to repair your door safely and effectively.

Look for a reputable and licensed garage door repair company in your area with a track record of serving commercial clients.

Regular Maintenance

To prevent future issues, consider implementing a regular maintenance schedule for your commercial garage door. This can include lubricating moving parts, tightening hardware, and inspecting for wear and tear.

Repair or Replace

Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to decide whether to repair or replace the garage door or its components. A professional technician can provide guidance based on the condition of your door.

Budget Considerations

Discuss repair costs with the technician and evaluate whether it is more cost-effective to repair the existing door or invest in a replacement.

Keep in mind that a malfunctioning garage door can lead to operational disruptions and security risks, so timely repair is essential.

Schedule Repairs

Once you have decided on the repair approach, schedule the repairs at a convenient time to minimize disruptions to your business operations.

Follow-up Maintenance

After the repairs are completed, consider implementing a regular maintenance plan to keep your commercial garage door in good working condition.

Remember that safety is paramount when dealing with commercial garage door repair. It is crucial to rely on trained professionals for complex repairs to ensure the safety of your employees and the longevity of your garage door system.

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