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Add security to your home with a new Entry Door

When deciding on a new entry door there are many factors to decide on when picking the perfect door for your home.
Where entry doors are more than just a way to secure your home, they welcome people into your house and give your home a focal point to the  curb appeal of your home.

Here at Dover Doors and Windows we look to provide you with both the best option in security and durability while designing the look of a front door you want. The doors we order are provided with a quality and lasting value to protect your home from the weather and any break ins.

Glass or Not?

When your thinking about designing your perfect door one of the first choice you should make is if you want glass in your entry door. The addition of glass in your entry door can both allow natural light to flow into your home while also being secure from the outside. Below you can see a variety of glass options to inspire your design for your new entry door. 

Entry Door Glass Type

When deciding if you want a glass in your entry door another option that you need to decide on is what type of glass do you want. Below you will find a variety of options for glass to inspire you in picking a new entry door. 

Inspiration Gallery of Styles​

Examples of our incredible entry doors in real life


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