Garage Door Repair | Davisburg MI

Garage Door Repairs in Davisburg

Dover and Company have been in business since 1936 providing quality and reliable services and products to the home improvement market in Davisburg, Michigan. Here at Dover and Company, we provide a wide range of services including garage door repairs, garage door panel replacement, spring replacement, repair and replace rails, change out rollers, tighten cables and replace them and more. Services are provided out of our four locations in Flint, Lansing, Pontiac & Saginaw, allowing us to serve a majority of Michigan. Along with serving a large selection of Michigan counties we provide each and every service call with a 25 point inspection, so we don’t simply solve the problem you have us come out for but we provide solutions to prevent future problems. We are equipped with factory trained technicians that can provide repairs to that area and beyond.

Garage Door Installation - Davisburg, MI

When it comes to installing a garage door you might think that if I install the door on my own I can save some money but when ordering a new door with Dover Doors and Windows your purchase price includes installation. Since your installation is included then you don’t need to worry about this process of doing the work yourself. Dover Doors and Windows has been a family-owned business for over 80 years of experience. When you choose our qualified and professional team then your getting factory train technicians and with your job in our hands you can rest easy with our next level service.

We will also install doors that you have purchased from other businesses so if you would like more information on getting a garage door install then call Dover Doors and Windows at 313-737-7098 to discuss our cost.

Garage Door Panel Replacement - Davisburg, MI

Dented, cracked or just simply broken garage door panel Dover & Doors and Windows can provide you with the work staff and the product to fix any garage door panel. If you end up damaging your door its not the end of the world when Dover Doors and Windows is on the job. No longer is the damage to a single panel going to cost you to replace a whole door.

Our factory trained techs can come to your home, inspect the damage of the panels and provide a solution to fix it or place an order to replace the panel all together. The techs will then
replace the panel if needed with a matching panel and style leaving your garage looking new. If you have damage to your garage door then click the button below to set up service.

Garage Door Track Replacement - Davisburg, MI

One of the most important parts of your garage door is the tracks. The tracks are found on either side of the garage door and above the door, the door’s tracks guide the door when opening or closing.

Garage door tracks are galvanized to protect your garage door track from rust and corrosion. However, the presence of road salt, rust, or other corrosive industrial chemicals compromises the galvanization on the track.

Garage Door Spring Replacement - Davisburg, MI

When it comes to garage doors one of the most common things to break on a garage door is the springs. The springs go through a lot of wear and tear as they handle a lot of the weight that comes with your garage door. The average life cycle of a garage door is 10,000 Cycles which broken down to use the door twice a day come to around 7 – 10 years. Dover Doors and Windows also offers a high cycle spring that will double the life cycle of the spring for your garage door with a lifetime warranty as long as you own your home.

Over the years the continued use of the garage door will wear down the springs and will start to provide cracks to the metal until they break but you don’t need to worry because at Dover & Company we can have someone out there the same day or next day to fix your broken springs. With the largest selection of in stock springs in Michigan we can provide you with a new replacement springs quickly and have your garage door back to moving in the right direction. If your looking for help with getting us out to replace your garage door springs replaced then click the link to schedule service.

Garage Door Rollers Replacement - Davisburg, MI

When looking to get the rollers updated on the garage door look into getting a set of Dover Doors and Windows nylon rollers. These rollers use a steel stem and a nylon tire. The tire may be built as a sleeve bearing or may have a steel insert using roller bearings. The roller bearings also help to insure the tire will roll freely rather than slide in the track when under load. The use of nylon rollers reduces the sound of the garage door and has a 10,000 life-cycle which will give you between 7 and 10 years before you should replace them.
If your looking for help with getting us out to replace your garage door rollers replaced then click the link to schedule service.Dover Doors and Windows premium nylon rollers come with a limited life time warranty to provide you with peace of mind for years to come.

Garage Door Cables Replacement - Davisburg, MI

The springs do the heavy lifting but its the cable that attach the door to the spring system. The cables for a garage door are under a lot of pressure and this will put a lot of strain on the fibers of the cables. As the cables are under so much pressure the fibers of the cable will
begin to fray and loosen over time and allow the cable to break.

Here at Dover & Company we can help you in these moments with our top of the line tech team. They come out to your house the same day or next with the ability to tighten your cables or replace them if needed. We can replace worn out cable with factory set cable along with making custom made cable at our shop. If your looking for help with getting us out to replace your garage door cable then click the link to schedule service.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Services - Davisburg, MI

If you work 3rd shifts and your getting home to a garage door that doesn’t open like it should than you have nothing to worry about. Dover doors offers a 24/7 service 365 days a year weather that is in the middle of the night or in the middle of a snow store were here. When your garage door stops working then we want you to be confident in the work we do for you. All of our technicians are factory trained and ready to help you out. The simple click of the button below will set you up with a phone call to our Emergency Service hotline and just moment to service of your dreams.

When it comes to garage door issues we understand that when a garage door breaks it’s not going to be on a set schedule. If we could schedule the breaks it would make life so much easier but those break don’t come when we want and that it’s always seems to be those moments are when the weather is the worst or the latest it can be before morning hits but Dover Doors and Windows has you covered with their 24/7 Emergency Service.

What Issues Would require the use of Dover's Doors and Windows 24 Hours a day Garage Door Repair service

Garage Doors for the most part we think about all the metal parts and how they could never fail but even with how thick the metal is things will fail but here at Dover we understand that even in those moments we can fix the issue. If you suspect an issue with your door then reaching out to a profession prior to a full break could save you a lot of time and money. We understand however that homeowners don’t always have the time to take their concerns to a professional and things can break in the mean time.

Prior to needing an emergency call here are a few hints on what to do when these symptoms seem to be coming from your garage door.

If the Garage Door won’t open or close then your first focus could be on if the garage door has an opener attached to it. If your garage door has an opener then they will have Photo Eyes which are sensors. These sensors can get dirty or have something placed in front of them causing the door to stop prior to opening.

If you garage door is getting jammed, stuck or pulling up uneven then you can be sure that the problem could the cause of worn cables, twisted tracks and old pulleys. When something like this happens you could tinker around with the parts but your doing it yourself without proper training could cause more damage to yourself or the door. We always recommend to have a professional handle these issues.

A third issue for concern for a garage door is how noisy it is when your using it. If you hearing load noises If you are hearing a popping noise it can be the results of a worn down rollers which as they chip and wear they will no longer be rolling correctly. Another issue diagnosed with loud sounds coming from a garage door could be a spring wearing down to a point of breaking. All these issues seem like they could be simple fixes but we highly recommend having a professional inspect the issue.

Other issues that can rise in a garage door that we recommend using our professional service for are Opener problems, Malfunctioning keypads & sensor.