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Whether your looking for a new garage door or looking to get your current garage door fixed Dover Doors and Windows is here for you. Dover Doors and Windows is the most experienced and well trained staff to handle any garage door install or repair.

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Garage doors are usually constructed of three to eight panels and
slide up and overhead. Some advantages of sectional doors include Sectional doors do not require any space outside the garage to
open.  and each panel of a sectional door has its own connection to the door track.

Garage doors can be made out of many materials, but steel, aluminum, wood, copper, glass, and vinyl are the most popular materials. Some manufacturers incorporate foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation within the sectional garage doors.

How to Pick the right door for you


When selecting a door one of the first things that comes to mind is the style of the garage door. Below are a selection of photos ranging from a classic garage door to a country style and a more modern look.

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Non-Insulated Vs. Insulated:

Finding the perfect garage door for your home and lifestyle does not have to be time-consuming. Understanding R- Value is an important part of making your decision.  

R value measures the thermal efficacy of your garage door, representing the ability to block cold or hot air from entering your home. The higher the R- value the greater the insulating power.  

In general, an insulated garage door is the best long-term investment. Though insulated garage doors are more expensive than non-insulated, the energy savings and year-round usability of the garage allow the insulated door to pay for itself. Insulated garage doors are stable all year round and are more durable and have a sturdier appearance.

The R-value is a measure of how well a two-dimensional barrier, such as a layer of insulation, a window or a complete wall or ceiling, resists the conductive[5] flow of heat.


1.Do you have an attached garage? 

2.Do you live in an area where temperatures either a) vary drastically throughout the year, or b) are extremely hot or cold year-round? 

3.Do you use your garage as a workspace for hobbies? 

4.Do you keep any animals or pets in your garage? 

5. Are you planning on selling your home within the next 10 years? 
 If you answered YES to two or more of the above questions, an insulated garage door is the best option for you

If you answered NO to three or more of the above questions, you may not need to spend the extra money on an insulated garage door. 

If you have a detached garage, you are probably not too concerned about the temperature inside your garage. Likewise, outside temperatures and noise will not be able to creep into your home from your garage. 

You could also bypass the expense of an insulated garage door if you live in an area with a mild year-round climate, as outside elements will not have a significant impact on temperatures indoor. 

Another factor to consider is how often you operate your garage door throughout the day, and if you tend to leave it open for extended periods of time. Each time the garage door opens, your home’s thermal envelope is broken – insulation will not serve much value to you if your garage door is constantly being operated or is kept open for long time spans. 

Regardless of your decision, Dover will be sure to find you that perfect door at the perfect price.


Your homes overall appearance can help you pick out a garage door color. A bold, unusual hue is a nod to modern exterior. But don’t be afraid to break the rules -Using an unexpected color can add personality and liven up a traditional facade. Use a neutral hue such as brown, black, or gray for a look that will withstand the test of time.  If your style changes or you alter your home’s exterior later, neutral hues will adapt with you. Whether you want to stand our or blend in we can help you make the right decision., Still unsure? Try using our visualizer where you can build the door of your dreams right on your home! We offer 8 solid color options, 3 woodgrains, as well as the Sherwin Williams color wave option – we can match any SW paint sample, bringing your vision to life!


Now that you have your style, insulation and color your asking yourself what is next when it come to designing my idea door, well the final option to pick is if you want windows. The selection of windows comes to the idea on both the level of privacy you want in your garage and the desire to have natural life. If you make the decision to include windows in your garage door then you have a wide variety of styles for windows along with a few options for  different types of glass. Listed below are some of the most common options for the style of windows along with the different options of glass types.

Design A Garage Door

Another option in this process is to design a garage door from start to finish. Using the visualizer we have right on our website you can create the garage door of your dreams while being able to see it change as you select the style, color and windows. Click the link below to get started and see all of the exciting options to design your next garage door. 


When it comes to installing a garage door you might think that if I install the door on my own I can save some money but when ordering a new door with Dover Doors and Windows your purchase price includes installation. Since your installation is included then you don’t need to worry about this process of doing the work yourself. Dover Doors and Windows has been a family-owned business for over 80 years of experience. When you choose our qualified and professional team then your getting factory train technicians and with your job in our hands you can rest easy with our next level service.

We will also install doors that you have purchased from other businesses so if you would like more information on getting a garage door install then call Dover Doors and Windows at 810-235-2573 to discuss our cost.


Dover Doors and Windows offer a variety of garage door openers. No matter the size of the garage door. A garage door opener installation includes our experienced techs mounting the openers to your garage door ceiling and connecting it to a chain or belt drive rail that will help guide your garage door up as it opens. The process may seem simple but it can be complicated and in some case dangerous but with Dover Doors and Windows highly trained staff and the right tool we install a opener in no time.

When your looking to have a new garage door opener installed your best option is the team at Dover Doors and Windows. Our train technicians can offer you their knowledge and skills as to which opener best fits your need and budget.



If you work 3rd shifts and your getting home to a garage door that doesn’t open like it should than you have nothing to worry about. Dover doors offers a 24/7 service 365 days a year weather that is in the middle of the night or in the middle of a snow store were here. When your garage door stops working then we want you to be confident in the work we do for you. All of our technicians are factory trained and ready to help you out. The simple click of the button below will set you up with a phone call to our Emergency Service hotline and just moment to service of your dreams.


When it comes to garage doors one of the most common things to break on a garage door is the springs. The springs go through a lot of wear and tear as they handle a lot of the weight that comes with your garage door. The average life cycle of a garage door is 10,000 Cycles which broken down to use the door twice a day come to around 7 – 10 years. Dover Doors and Windows also offers a high cycle spring that will double the life cycle of the spring for your garage door with a lifetime warranty as long as you own your home.

Over the years the continued use of the garage door will wear down the springs and will start to provide cracks to the metal until they break but you don’t need to worry because at Dover & Company we can have someone out there the same day or next day to fix your broken springs. With the largest selection of in stock springs in Michigan we can provide you with a new replacement springs quickly and have your garage door back to moving in the right direction. If your looking for help with getting us out to replace your garage door springs replaced then click the link to schedule service.  

Garage Door Installation & Repair FAQs

Dover & Company products are manufactured in plants all across the United States and then distributed through our distribution channel of highly trained professionals that will install your door. To buy a Dover & Company brand garage door you first need to contact us.

Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home and the most dangerous. Do not attempt to repair your own garage door. Contact us to come repair your door. We are fully trained in how to repair your garage door properly.

Many of our residential garage doors can be painted. Please see your owner’s manual for specific painting instructions. In addition, most of our commercial doors can be powder coated. We offer 197 powder coat colors to best complement the look of your home or your facility.​​

Yes, replacing only a section of your garage door is possible in some cases; however, depending upon the damage involved, the entire door may need to be replaced. Contact Dover & Company to evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations for the best solution.​​

R-Value is a measure of thermal efficiency, the higher the R-value the greater the insulating properties of the door. Dover & Company uses a calculated door section R-value for our insulated doors. We have several door styles to meet your insulated door needs for both residential and commercial applications.

Yes. Visit our Build A Door, for technical and specification information on our commercial doors. This tool allows you to design and change different option from colors, windows & pattern.

Garage Door Opener FAQs

Dover & Company products are only sold through authorized Red Ribbon Distributors. To buy a Dover & Company brand garage door opener you first need to contact us.

Belt Drive — quiet and smooth performance. Ideal for garages adjacent to living areas.

Chain Drive — rugged and reliable. Suitable for most garage doors.

Openers manufactured after 1980: Remotes can be purchased from one of our showrooms in Flint, MI or Saginaw, MI. Openers manufactured prior to 1980: we no longer carry remotes and your system must be upgraded.