Learn More About Our Smart Camera

When it comes to sleeping peacefully at night there is no better option than a Smart Camera from Dover Doors and Windows. These one-of-a-kind cameras come with easy to little installation and provide you with added security to your home. The cameras can be easily installed with the us of the magnetic base to attach it to the bottom of your current opener then simply plug it in to an outlet. These Smart Cameras come with a variety of feature to help you with secure your home.

The first feature of the camera is the live streaming video. This feature will allow you to check on what is happening in your garage at anytime along with allowing you to see if you remembered to close the garage door as you left for the morning.

The next feature is real time notifications this will alert you to any motion that happens within view of the camera. This feature comes in handy for security along with allow you to know when people get home from work or that your kids get home safe from school.

The final security feature that comes with this camera is the 2-way communication. This feature allows you both to talk and listen to what is happening in your garage live as it happens. This is a great feature to direct someone to where they need to find an item in your garage or welcome someone home.

For more information on the Smart Camera click the link below to fill out a form to get more information or simple call us at 810-235-2573.