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Patio Door Options

Dover Doors and Windows offers a variety of options for our patio doors. The options for patio doors include colors, 8 handle sets, and multiple sizes. Dover Doors offers their custom built sliding patio doors first off come in 4 different series Dover 7400, Dover 7400 Plus, Dover 8000, and Dover 8000 Plus. Below is a list of the features for each series of doors. All series have the options that come with the Dover 7400 series but also include the addition feature listed under each series. 

Dover Patio Door Feautres

Dover 7400

• Double Pane tempered
• Fusion Welded 4 ¾” Frame and Sash Corners
• 6 Aluminum Rebar Reinforcements at Interlock Sash’s, The Locked Sash’s and the Side Frames.
• Stainless Steel roller track
• Composite Sil plate
• Additional lock point with kick lock for vent
• Door Panel Interlock and meet at the main frame with weather-stripping
• 1” Energy Smart Intercept insulating glass
o 1380 Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame with Fiberglass Screen Mesh
o Handel Set with Key Lock

Dover 7400 Plus

• EnergySmart Supreme2 .30 U-Value
• Foam Filled Main Frame & Sash
• Stainless intercept
• Plated Handle upgrade (Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel, Aged Bronze & Coppertone)
• Two-Point Multi Point Locking System
• Upgraded screen Aluminum Screen Mesh, Better Vue Screen Mesh or Pet Screen Mesh

Dover 8000

• EnergySmart Supreme2 Triple .27 U-Value
• 1580 Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame with Fiberglass Screen Mesh
• 2-Point Multi Point Locking System

Dover 8000 Plus

• EnergySmart Ultimate 2 Triple U-Value .22
• 1580 Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame with Fiberglass Screen Mesh
• 3-Point Multi Point Locking System

Patio Door Glass, Muntin, and Blind Options

Patio Door Handle Set Options

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