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Dover Doors and Window Vinyl Siding

When you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, add resale value Dover Doors and Windows has you covered with our latest addition of siding to our long list of products. Since 1936 Dover Doors and Windows has been your source for home improvement.

The History of Vinyl Siding
The use of Vinyl siding started becoming used on regular homes in the 1950’s as America needed a solution to the growth of homes being built as a result of the soldier returning from war and the beginning of the baby boomers. Much like most technology the first version might not be the best but over time they continued to design and improve on the Vinly siding over time.

Why Dover Vinyl Siding

Now that you know a little more about the siding the question become why should we use vinyl siding. The benefits of vinyl siding are easy to install, durable, weather resistant and come in many different colors and styles.

The first advantage of the siding comes with the installation which being able to easily cut the siding to site with minimal tools will allow the work to go much faster. Along with it being easier with Dover Doors and Windows your not just purchasing the siding but your getting the benefit of Dover Doors and Windows professional installation. The next advantage of vinyl siding is its durability. The durability of the siding will allow bumps and scrapes without breaking. The final advantage that were going to cover is the weather resistant. Imagine that your standing out in a rain storm and you have nothing to protect you and that is what your home is like without siding. The barrier of the siding gives to your home is like an shield knocking away the rain and wind away from penetrating the walls of your home causing damage to your interior.    

How to Pick the right Siding for you


When deciding on the choices of vinyl siding the first thing to decide on is the series of siding your looking for. When it comes to siding Dover Doors and Windows offer two different series of siding the first being MAIN STREET &  the second is MONOGRAM LINE. 

Main Street Vinyl Siding has natural wood grain texture with exceptional value, and design versatility offering 7 styles.

Monogram line Vinyl Siding has an authentic cedar texture with the widest spectrum of colors in the vinyl siding industry offering 3 styles.

Below are a selection of photos ranging offering a few example of each series.


After you selected between the Main Street Series and the Monogram line series you are given a few different options of styles for each.

If you decided to go with the Main Street Series then you have the seven options to choice from listed below.
Triple 3″ Brushed Clapboard
Double 4″ Woodgrain Clapboard 
Double 5″ Woodgrain Clapboard
Double 4″ Woodgrain Dutchlap
Double 5″ Woodgrain Dutchlap
Single 6 1/2″ Brushed Beaded
Single 8″ Woodgrain Clapboard*

The second choice you could have picked from is the Monogram Line Series which gives you three options to choice from listed below:
Double 4″ Clapboard
Double 5″ Clapboard*
Double 5″ Dutchlap

Main Street Style Options

Monogram Style Options


Beyond selecting the series and style of your siding the final decision is to select the color of your new siding. If you selected the Main Street Vinyl Series then you have a selection of 25 colors all of which are listed in the chart below. 

If you selected the Monogram Vinyl Series then you have a selection of 40 colors all of which are listed in the chart below. 

Design A Your Siding

Another option in this process is to design a garage door from start to finish. Using the visualizer we have right on our website you can create the siding look of your dreams for your home while being able to see it change as you select the style, color and windows. Click the link below to get started and see all of the exciting options to design your home. 

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